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            China Animal Husbandry Group (CAHG) is one of China’s largest state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in agricultural industry with a comprehensive range of business, composed of production management, trade services, research & development, and investment & financing.
            For over 30 years, CAHG has dedicated itself to serve Sannong Issues in China, and aimed to lead China’s husbandry industry and improve life quality for people and animals, by providing safe, healthy animal-derived products. CAHG’s business mainly covers production and management of breeding stock and poultry, animal vaccines, veterinary medicine, feed and feed additives, forage grass, healthy breeding, dairy products, bee products, pet products, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, chemical products and equipment, as well as agricultural production, agricultural products processing and land resources development. In aspects of management, technology development, production and marketing, CAHG has high-professional management and technical teams, and maintains a nationwide marketing network, with its economic and trade cooperation throughout the world including more than 50 countries and regions.
            To perform the development strategy drafted by China National Agricultural Development Group Corporation (CNADGC), CAHG will strive to advance itself to be a large-scale, high-tech, professional and international enterprise, by developing the modern circulation service industry as the leading trade, promoting sustainable breeding and animal by-products processing, and being supported by animal husbandry science and technology. CAHG commits itself to serving the “San Nong Issues”, taking society responsibilities, enhancing its influence on the animal husbandry industry as a SOE, gradually accomplishing a well-developed modernized agro- and animal husbandry serving system to make greater contributions to the development of the economy of animal husbandry industry in China.

            We intend to create China Animal Husbandry Group into a leading corporation among modern service trade industry by joint efforts and hard fight of all the staff in several years. As a modern and international large-scale agricultural enterprise surviving in a business integration mode of animal husbandry industry and commerce, our corporation is featured in that its livestock husbandry and seed industry as well as animal product processing are the two wings of development under the support of animal husbandry technology with a secured industry chain. We closely follow the leading flag of “animal husbandry industry and commerce” and construct an integration mode characterized in “one large and six unifications” during the strategic period to realize a leap-forward development of China Animal Husbandry Group and to strive to be the biggest comprehensive logistics service integrator of livestock industry in China in 2020 in the hope of making greater contribution to the development of China animal husbandry industry.

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